Thursday, May 25, 2006

Its Official

11275 Bauman Ave it not "ours" anymore. It belongs to the realtor community now. Thank you to our own "green house" for all the memories.

It was the place where:

Adam and I came home to find all of our wedding present heaped onto our bed when we arrived home at 11 PM at night after honeymooning for a week and fighting our way through airports for 12+ hours. The culprits that delivered our presents thought it would be a happy thing to come home to. I just wanted my blankety blank bed primed and ready for me to crash.

Jen and I played many a game of "scoopy ball".

We expanded our family the first time by bringing a rolly-polly little ball of fur home that we eventually named Jocelyn Pooh Bear.

I spent a weekend when I was 6 1/2 months pregnant carefully painting a mural for my unborn baby to create the perfect "hundred acre woods" themed nursery.

We brought Alyssa home from the hospital.

We learned to be a family in that house.

It was K-Rock Marketing's HQ for its one and only client.

Anna and Brandy spent several nights with their super cool Aunt Christi and Uncle Adam.

Multiple 4th of July parties complete block-wide firework show.

Multiple parties where I plain old had too much to drink ~ and we have pictures of me handcuffed to Chris Leffler to prove it.

6 weeks after we were married I was forced to be a responsible wife ~ scared me more than I've ever been scared in life, I think, but it also really cemented my relationship with Adam.

I spent my last night as a single woman in that house.

I achieved my dream of having live Christmas trees. Now if only the damn lights around the front window would have stayed up, I would have been ectastic.

We bought our first car as a couple/family home to that house (and my first brand new car ever)

We fostered half a dozen dogs . . . our little part to the doggie community. And we should have adopted our first foster dog. Kipper James ~ we loved you!

I've always thought that its not the building that makes a place a home ~ it the people inside that make it a home. I don't think that's true anymore. Our Bauman house will always have a special place in my heart. It will always be home. And I hope that the next people that live there treat it well and have as many great (and not so great, but still powerful and life changing) memories as we do.


Anonymous said...

What a nice post!

Chad said...

It was home to editing of "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs" & "Laundromat" - an extension of the offices of RMP