Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Girlfriend knows how to work it

For as long as I can remember, I've been a bookworm. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are of my Dad reading me stories before bed. When my mom would take me shopping when I was younger, she would drop me off in the bookstore and I would happily sit on the floor in the back reading for hours. Heck, I still would do that. I guess the shop 'til you drop gene must skip a generation because I swear Alyssa could outshop me. Anyway . . . I couldn't wait to have a child that I could cuddle up and read with before bedtime. Up until the past week or so, our bedtime reading routine is me reading about 2 pages before Alyssa runs another lap around me and tosses a new book at me without stopping. She might pause slightly to glance at the pages, but as soon as I would get going in a book she would rip it out of my hands and give me a new one. The other night at about 10 PM I actually sat in her rocking chair reading "The Very Hungry Caterpiller" to myself and she was sitting on the floor across the room thumbing through her "Baby Faces" book. That's about as close to bedtime reading bonding we got.

But I think the girl has started figuring out that if she lets me read to her in her rocking chair she can squeeze a few extra minutes out of me before I'll make her go to bed. Tonight she sat still for 5 ~ count 'em 5 ~ books. As soon as I would finish one she would squirm down to pick out a new one. She even let me read my favorite of her books "Olivia" (Thanks Jeff and Megan!!!!), which she normally won't sit all the way through because its kind of long.

How does her little peanut brain figure these things out?! She cracks me up with all the "grown up knowledge" that is popping out daily. Watch out world . . . she's going to keep us on our toes!


Paula said...

David won't sit still for "long" picture books either. And I joke that I'm a speed read-out-loud-er because he turns the pages so fast.

Jessie is now into real books - like check-em-out-from-the-library books, and it's so much fun!

Adam said...

Paula ~ Same here! I try to read faster than Alyssa can flip the page!

Christi said...

I see a new Olympic event in the works!

Anonymous said...

Meg and I are glad that Alyssa enjoy's Olivia! You are very welcome!