Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Feeling the small town love way out here in the big city!

Okay, I know I complained about my crazy small hometown's ways in a blog a few months ago, but its times like these that I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

We're moving this weekend ~ in case you're new to my blog/haven't read my blog lately. 90% of our boxes have been donated by my parents. 90% of our boxes are from the hospital, liquor store, and bowling alley from my hometown. Now THAT'S something to write home about! (or blog about in my case) You couldn't get these places to even look your direction in the big "O". That's part of the reason I love small towns. When you're moving, you just call up a store say "Hey *insert guy you've know since first grade's name here* I'm moving. Hold back some boxes for me, okay? I'll be there to pick them up sometime between 15 minutes from now and July". And they happily do it!

I'm really impressed by the whole "holding" thing because Christy told me when they called grocery stores here in town you had to call before 6 AM the day you wanted to pick them up (couldn't call the night before) and had to pick them up before 8 AM ~ not a great schedule for most people.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Farewell Flowers (and other stuff)

Updates on previous posts:
Days until we close on the new house/move ~ 4
Number of boxes packed ~ 35 (approximately ~ I keep losing track)
Number of birthday presents for Adam lost that need to be found by Thursday ~ Big fat goose egg! 0! All presents found and accounted for! Hooray

My new boyfriend, Fisher, wasn't in the childcare room this morning. Actually, no one was, so Alyssa and I left early and took packages to the post office. And finally got around to calling my sister.

We have a crab apple tree in our front yard that I absolutely love. Its just a friendly little tree with these beautiful pink and white blossoms in the spring and then it gets these tiny, firm, red, little crab apples on it in the fall that stick around through the winter. Its really pretty to look out and see the red berries against the snow. Anyway, the wind picked up today and our yard in now littered with white flowers and the tree is looking more green and leafy. Bitter sweet ~ I love the green lushness of the tree, but the flowers smell so wonderful and are so prettty. Here's a picture from last week ~ not full bloom, but pretty close.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Number Crunching Part 2

Days until we close on the new house/move ~ 5
Number of boxes packed ~ 29
Number of birthday presents for Adam that have been "lost" and need to be found before Thursday ~ 3.


Number Crunching Part 2

Days until we close/move ~ 5
Number of boxes packed ~ 29
Number of birthday presents for Adam that have been "lost" and need to be found before Thursday ~ 3.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Number Crunching

Days until we close on the new house/move ~ 6
Number of boxes packed so far ~ 20
Number of birthday presents for Adam lost in the packing chaos that have to be found by Thursday ~ 1


Friday, April 21, 2006

My new boyfriend . . .

His name is Fisher, he has red hair, beautiful blue eyes, and these cheeks you just want to squeeze until the cows come home. He's about 15 months old.

For the last week or so when I take Alyssa into the childcare room at jazzercise Fisher will be there because his mom takes the class right before me. He will run over to me, hug me, try to kiss me, wants to sit in my lap, ect. It borders on stalking, but since he's under 3 feet tall, I'll let it slide. Now, I've never really "met" this kid. Never babysat for him in the childcare room, don't know his mom, it was just love at first site for him. The first time it happened Alyssa was sitting on my lap, so I thought he was making his move on Alyssa (she is QUITE the little flirt at jazzercise), but this week he has happily plopped himself down on my lap when she is across the room and he actually will strain to get away from his mom to get back to me when she comes to pick him up! Today he started whining/crying when she picked him up from my lap.

Now its quite amusing to all the other adults, but I would feel horrible if Alyssa did that to one of the other mom's, so I feel bad for Fisher's mom. And its just so bizarre that he's so attached to me. I don't think I really look that much like his moml; at first I thought maybe he thought I was her or I reminded him of her or something, but he is just obsessed. So I feel like I should stay out of the childcare room until his mom has taken him out, but part of our routine is to get to class early so that Alyssa can play and get settled for a few minutes before I have to leave. I don't want to have to just dump her and run just because of my toddler-stalker. What a weird situation. I'm subbing for someone on Monday and I think his mom takes the class that I'll be babysitting for . . . Fisher and I may have to have a talk about appropriate behavior and boundaries. ;)

At least I know that I can still drive the men wild in my post-baby old married woman body!

What year is it again?

Yesterday a vote was passed to separate Omaha schools into "White, African American, and Hispanic" school districts. Un-freakin-believable. For all the drama we have faced over the past year with the whole "one city, one school district", this seems like a million steps back. What happened to everyone wanting to be unified no matter where in town you lived or how wealthy/poor you were? This seems like total other end of the spectrum. There was an article on today that I found really interesting Schools It talks about currently predominantly minority schools that are currently getting screwed when it comes to funding/good teachers. Supposedly this new way of dividing up schools will give the minorities more control over their funding, ect, but it seems to me like its just going to cause problems outside of schools. It seems like its going to build up a lot of close minded people. Already in the world there are so many people that use stereotypes to generalize all ethnic backgrounds and cultures. How are we suppose to fight those and bring our children up to be open minded of accepting all people when we're saying that people "different" from them are not good enough or are too good to go to school with them? A basic common factor? There has to be a better answer to this situation and I certainly hope the find it before this ruling goes into effect in two years.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Its (kinda) official

After countering our initial offer, the seller accepted our new offer, so we techincally have a new house! Of course we have to do the inspection and finalize things with a lender, but . . . EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Hard to describe . . .

how I'm feeling right now. For some reason the words "yip! yip! yip!" come to mind.

Or maybe "whooo gaaaaa"

Or maybe "holy crap"

Adam and I made a bid on a new house today. Supposedly they have until noon tomorrow to respond, but the offer has to be approved by the seller's relocation company, so I'm bracing myself to have to wait until Monday to hear. Easier said than done. I liked the process the first time around. Our house wasn't on the market yet, we got a "sneak preview", offered what the seller wanted, and walked out of our realtor's office knowing that we had a new house.

Oh, and to make things even more "exciting". We would close two weeks from today.

I think maybe we're crazy ~ yip! yip! yip!

Blonde + mommy moment = uh oh!

Okay, so I’ve read stories on my mom’s board and heard stories about people taking their kids places and then realizing that they forgot to put a diaper on their kid. Or forgetting to put on one before bed or something. I never understood how that could happen, but alas . . . I am one of those moms.

Yesterday after eating lunch Alyssa told me she needed changed, so I put her down on the couch to change her. She was rolling all over the place and it was a poopy diaper, so once I got her wiped I was going to let her run around naked while I wrapped up the diaper and got it out of the house because it was STINKY!

Fast forward about 30 minutes to us walking through the Target parking lot. I couldn’t remember if I put her diaper cover back on (she was wearing a dress), so I reached around to feel for diaper. Sure enough, I hadn’t put her diaper cover on because I felt NEKKID BUNS!!! Thank goodness a) I had a diaper in the car and b) I didn’t haul her nekkid buns all through Target for the world to see (I ended up having to carry her most of the time because the new slide we got filled the entire cart and her dress wouldn’t stay down while she was being held). Although she does have awfully cute buns, so she could get away with mooning Target.

Ahhh, add one more badge to my mommy sash, I guess.

(but did you notice that my daughter TOLD me she needed to be changed? She's a GENIUS!)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My oh my ~ 18 months have flown by!

Happy 1.5 Alyssa!

I can't believe how absolutely head over heels in love I am with you. I love (pretty much) every minute of every day. I can't imagine not being able to be around you from the moment that you wake up in the morning to the moment that you go to sleep at night. This is such a fun age where you actually understand why I'm saying and are pretty good at getting your point across to me.

You aren't talking a whole lot yet, but by far the cutest thing you'll say is "way Jo?" (translated to "Where's Joey?") Then you'll put your arms up in the air like you have no idea where she is. You'll say it as the weirdest times ~ like today at the pediatrician's office. You absolutely adore Joey (and Lexi when the BIG dope isn't knocking into you). You think its the neatest thing in the world to have a 3 way tug of war with your puppies. Other words that you say are: mama, no-no (often said to Lexi when she has a toy of yours that you know she isn't supposed to say ~ sometimes we think you think Lexi's name IS no-no), hi, bye, dada (once in awhile you let it accidently slip out ~ I think you're holding out to see if Daddy will bribe you with something good before saying it consistently), yes, jo/jo-jo. I think I've heard cheerios, a form of binky, and out slip out of your mouth, too.

Speaking of out, you love, love, love, love spending time outside. You would play in the yard all day long if I let you. You get so upset when we bring you inside and you'll stand at the back door crying and throwing a fit.

You and Daddy were playing with your Little People farm a few weeks ago and he taught you how to make hammer gestures when the farm would make hammering noises. You think its the funniest thing in the world to do "play along". Inspired us to buy you a tool bench of your own, but you're not too sure about that yet. You love playing with your Cabbage Patch doll, Hannah, and with your Laugh and Learn house, still. You are a fearless little monkey that will attempt to climb anything and everything that doesn't move (and some things that do when you need a boost from mommy, daddy, or Lexi). Still love playing with cell phones and lately you've found the wonderful toy that is mommies makeup. Lipstick is your favorite (probably because it does such a great job staining the carpet!) Definately have a girly-girl on my hands!

You are one of the sweetest and most loving little girls I have ever been around. You give great hugs, we're working on giving kisses (usually you'll just lean your head into someone's lips), and you're a great cuddle partner. You and I go to Jazzercise several mornings a week and you've worked your magic on several little boys there. We're going to be in trouble once you get older!

Its been a fantastic 18 months, my sweet baby girl, and I look forward to all the days ahead.

Love always and forever,

Friday, April 07, 2006

This bugs me

Elmo TMX

So, they're taking preorders for a toy that you don't know what it will do (if anything, really!). Who else besides Sesame Street/Elmo could pull this off? And trying to sell it as the must have toy for Christmas '06 . . . seems really cocky to me.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

It scares me

Evidently there is a mumps outbreak in the midwest ~ Mumps Story

Three years ago I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought. I've had my MMR vaccinations, so I'm good to go, right? Now that I'm a mom just the thought of something like mumps going around strikes fear in my heart. Makes me immediately rush to look through Alyssa's records from her doctor's visits to see where she stands on her MMR shots. And makes me really glad that she has her 18 month well check next Wednesday so that I can get the latest scoop from Dr. K.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sweatin', Scrappin', Shoppin', and Springin'

Its soooooo stinkin' beautiful out today. It would have been a fabulous day for the zoo if Staci and I hadn't signed up for the ass-kicking that is known as a personal touch jazzercise class. For crying out loud . . . I actually gasped out loud in pain while sitting down to go to the bathroom this morning! I did not expect it to be that crazy intense . . . and it was only 40 minutes long!

Kim dropped off the Summer Idea Book for Close to My Heart this afternoon. Pardon me while I freak out over scrapbooking stuff. I actually had to close the book because my chest was starting to hurt from all the excitement! I'll have to take it one section at a time, I guess. I can't wait for June (my hostess month) to get all sorts of free goodies!

Alyssa and I are heading out to do a little shopping this afternoon and I think it may be my most bizarre shopping list ever, so I felt that warranted a blog entry.

1. Hangers (for Alyssa's room as somehow I have 17 things that need to be hung up that mysteriously have no hangers)
2. Pressed powder
3. Storage tubs
4. Lettuce

Usually my lists have some sort of theme, but this one is just a hodgepodge.

Then we're heading to Hollywood Video. Its Wednesday and 2 in the afternoon . . . maybe we'll run into Eric!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

She's her father's daughter . . .

I took these pictures last week. They crack me up!!!!

Christy ~ don't read until after Sunday! ;)

Alyssa and I hit babies R us for our quarterly diaper/wipe stock up yesterday. (I wait until I get a $5 off every pair of diaper coupon from BRU and have a stash of $1 off pampers coupons and then usually buy 3 or 4 boxes and end up saving $6-$7 per box ~ I'm proud of my method!) I decided to walk through the baby department to see if they had any summer outfits that I liked to get for Charlie as part of his baptism present for this weekend and I was OVERWHELMED by how many super cute things they have out there for boys! Makes me want a little boy! I love the outfit we (Alyssa and I ~ I value her opinion, you know) picked out for Charlie. I keep pulling it out of the bag and admiring it.

Warning ****This is what being a stay at home mom does to you ~ you get excited about REALLY lame things. Its not just visits from the UPS/FedEx guy that does it for me anymore***

They're out to get me (or my money)

Would you believe . . . at 1:42 PM Central time today I received a call from the state troopers association asking for a donation. Of course they plugged their "we give teddy bears to all frightened children in car accidents" and "this money will go towards our wishing well program for terminally ill" children card. They don't even have to ask; I'll just hand over a check when they say that.

Then at 1:50 PM Central time TODAY I got a call from the stinkin' sheriff's society asking for money. Usually I can say no to them, but this time they started plugging their "we help children from being abducted" and "we fingerprint children at country fairs to help them stay safe" program, so they had me, too!

8 minutes and 50 dollars . . . BAM! Gone!

I swear, as soon as the state troopers found out I was a pushover for the kids' programs, they got on the horn to all the other groups and said "Hey, just mention the words 'ill' 'scared' or 'children' and this lady'll give to you in a heartbeat".

They are really great programs, but honestly, getting hit up twice in less than 10 minutes? Couldn't they each have a different month or something to spread these things out? Don't they know that my husband works darn hard so that I can work hard spending his money?! ;)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Naughty Girl?

This is so silly, but its been bugging me all day, so I decided to blog about it . . .

this morning Alyssa and I went to Jazzercise, per usual. Its Monday, so that means that two of my good friends are the babysitters in the childcare room, so I feel totally comfortable leaving Alyssa there and I know both Staci and Steph adore Alyssa. Today they had 22 kids in there (2 over capacity, but they made an exception this time). After class I thanked Staci and Steph for watching Alyssa and they told me that they almost had to come get me because she got 3 warnings. They told the kids that they each would get 2 warnings if they misbehaved and then if they got a 3rd, they would go get their mom. Alyssa got two warnings for throwing a ball and one for climbing on the chairs, but Steph said that since she was so young they decided to let it slide.

I *think* they were just messing with me ~ they both have a sarcastic/teasing sense of humor, but its really bothering me. We have this one family of "devil children" that every child care provider dreads to take care of and I would be horrified if I found out that anyone felt that way about taking care of Alyssa.

But she's 18 months old . . . she can barely throw a ball, its more of a drop, so I can't see her getting in trouble for actually throwing it . . . she couldn't hit anyone/thing if she tried! And she does like to climb on things, but its not like you can do much to stop her from doing that at this age besides distracting her with something else.

I'm so torn up about this . . . I seriously feel like I'm going to cry just thinking about it! I feel so horrible! Its not like she was doing anything REALLY wrong like biting or pinching or hitting, but I still feel absolutely sick about it. And the worst part is, I really think they were just giving me a hard time.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Have I mentioned that I really hate insomnia?

I loved it in college . . . it was the best time to get my laundry done! But now that I'm a "grown up" its just kind of a pain in the arse. I've been up for about an hour and a half now. I think I woke up because Alyssa was coughing and/or playing with her crib aquarium, so I waited to see if she would start crying (and started panicking about how I go about putting her back to sleep in the middle of the night if she wakes up and wants to nurse), but she didn't make a peep. Kind of surprises me since I had to wake her up this afternoon from a 4 1/2 hour nap. I wonder how long she would have slept if I would have let her. It was such a blessing since I got so many things done for Angie's shower while she was sleeping. I really don't know how I would have finished everything up if I hadn't had those 4 + hours (with the breaks every 30 minutes to go make sure my kid was okay). I'm so excited about Angie's baby shower! Maybe that's why I can't sleep. Or maybe my brain thinks that I still need time to get ready, but I think I have everything ready. Just need to throw everything all together in some sort of box/bag to take to Panera. Thank GOODNESS we're not having the shower at my house . . . I'll never do that again after Christy's baby shower. Its too much to worry about keeping a house clean ~ especially with a toddler and husband underfoot! ;)

Speaking of Christy ~ she and I are hitting the big Carters sale at the outlet mall after the baby shower today. I hope I can score some great deals on pjs for Alyssa. (And I hope I can avoid going too crazy over all the cute and cuddly Carter stuff). I can't wait to hang out with her and catch up on how being back to school after having Charlie and all the new house stuff is going!

After going out for dinner with the Dwights last night we stopped at Target so that I could pick up a few fun things to send out to Boston for Jack while he is in the hospital/having treatments. I had such a hard time picking out things for a) a boy and b) a boy that I haven't seen since he was 8 months old (he's now almost 5). I settled for a Thomas the Tank Engine/Train (or whatever) activity book, colored pencils, a 24 piece Seasame Street puzzle and a matchbox car brand airplane (bought one of those for little bro Leo so that he wouldn't feel left out, too) Now I need to figure out how to wrap it so that its not too much of a pain for Aunt Elaine to take with her when she flys back out next week.