Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feeling Crafty

The countdown has begun to one of my favorite holidays ~ the 4th of July! I have tons of great memories of the fourth from when I was growing up: watching fireworks in my hometown with my parents on the hill at the local baseball diamond, vacation weekends spent at Lake Okoboji with fireworks explode over the water and, of course, the occasional illegal fireworks excitement hanging out with my high school friends. The 4th of July also is pretty significant in the beginning of Adam and my relationship, which makes it special, too.

Ever since Alyssa's first 4th of July, we have been lucky enough to spend the holiday surrounded by my amazing adopted/honorary family and I look forward to that time with them every year. The past few years my dad has also driven his tractor in a parade in a small town near my hometown, which has become a fun tradition to share with Alyssa; I think she gets a kick out of watching her Poppa "in action". Last year both kids slept through all the sparklers and firework action, so I'm excited to see Alyssa's reaction this year ~ I fully expect Joel to sleep through it again this year. :)

In anticipation for next Friday's festivities, I was feeling a little crafty tonight and wanted to share my masterpiece that I created for Alyssa. I think I may make a pair for me, too.


Spent about $4 on those cuties ... can't beat that!
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Mom23Boys said...

These are FREAKIN' ADORABLE!!! How did you do it?

Christi said...

Just a little ribbon and a little time! They were super easy ... want me to do a pair for you!? ;)