Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Night at our house ... for Adam

I was sitting at my computer a few minutes ago and Adam was sitting across the room from me playing with the kids. The gate was obscuring my view of Joel, but all the sudden I heard the familiar "zerberting" noises coming from my second born. I looked up and asked Adam, "did Joel find a car?" ... sure enough Joel was racing a car across the carpet complete with "bbbbttttpppppbbbbtttttttttt" car sounds.

Update ... evidently Mickey Mouse and cars sound exactly the same.

* Adam asked me to blog about this so that he doesn't forget about it. So, HB, this blog's for you!

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Chad said...

Speaking of sounds...

When Bella looks out the window at birds, she doesn't meow, it actually sounds like she is chirping too.

Kinda funny to hear.