Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I meant to blog about this last weekend, but it slipped my mind until today.

I have a confession. Adam and I don't work well together most of the time. :) We're both stubborn, we want to do things OUR way, etc. That's what we get for marrying Tauruses! Anyway, a few weeks ago we sat down and managed to agree on a box of flower bulbs that we wanted to plant out front. It arrived last Thursday, so I was going to just take control of the situation and start planting on Saturday (another thing about us ~ we don't always work well together and we BOTH are famous for starting projects and not finishing them. See yesterday's entry about Alyssa's scrapbook and quilt). It turned into both of us working on the flower bed; I was pulling up mulch/dirt and he was transplanting 2 of the 3 rose bushes. And then it turned into "pregnant Christi sits on her arse instructing big, strong Adam on where to put the bulbs". We got all 100 bulbs planted without an argument, bloodshed, or talk of divorce. I was REALLY proud of us! I think that maybe Adam was willing to give in; or maybe he just took the time to listen to what I had to say. ;) But either way, it was really nice being able to work on a project together.

One small step towards maybe, someday, being able to talk about what we want to do to finish the basement. Because I'm sure we've both got layouts already set in stone in our minds. At least I do.


Adam said...

I haven't really put any thought into the basement besides having a work shop where I have the work bench now.

Chad said...

What about a little apartment pad for Boomer?

Christi said...

Now THAT'S something I hadn't thought about . . . maybe. ;)