Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I can't ever actually remember my mom bringing treats to any of my classes when I was in preschool/elementary school, but I had this "fairy tale" fantasy of being super mom who showed up on their child's birthday with these incredibly decorated, awe-inspiring treats for my children's classmates. I was shopping yesterday with my friend Staci and stumbled across this SUPER CUTE container of really unique Halloween sprinkles. It had your usual pumpkins, ect, but it also had head stones, witches hats, black cats, etc. As I was showing it to her she asked if I was going to buy it and I said something along the lines of "I would in a heartbeat if I had a whole bunch of kids to make cupcakes or cookies for. Like a preschool class". She then informed me that in the public school system here, you can't bring any homemade treats to your kids classes. They all have to be store bought AND individually packaged. So you can't even buy a dozen cookies/cupcakes from the bakery. How freaking sad is it that I'm raising my children in a world where moms can't "bake a little love" for their kids and their classmates?! I guess I should be thankful that schools are taking precautions, but I hate that it has to be so extreme.

My parents have new next door neighbors that moved in a few weeks ago. Kind of a weird situation, the new neighbors actually live full time in California, but want a "summer home" in Iowa. They'll probably only be around about 3 months out of the year; a couple weeks here and a couple weeks there because their daughter and grandchildren live in my hometown. When the neighbors found out that my parents were flying to Colorado last week they offered to drive them to and from the airport (about an hour each way) EVEN THOUGHT THEY JUST MET THEM! They actually had to leave at 7 AM to catch their flight out to Colorado and the neighbors were in the driveway 15 minutes early offering to load suitcases into the back of their car. My parents were blown away by their generosity, but my dad was telling me today, you almost have to wonder what their "deal" is. They've offered the use of their extra garage stalls to my parents during the winter since they're only keeping 1 car at the house and my parents have two vehicles and only one garage. They've given my parents a key to the house, permission to move their car if they need to . . . its an amazing situation, one that gives me hope, but also one that makes me wonder if they are for real.

I hate how jaded the world has become.


Midwest Momma said...

Sadly, I have to confirm that every school I have ever worked in now has this policy, although I frequently have mom bring in treats that are homemade, that didn't know the rule, and I don't say a word! I think it is great to have these treats that are so obviously made with so much love and care.

Christi said...

Damn, I was hoping that you could tell that the rumor wasn't true. One more reason that you should homeschool your kids and my kids ~ I bet YOU would let me bring treats! ;)