Thursday, June 01, 2006

I feel like super mommy today!

I decided that I was going to put up Alyssa's new swimming pool this afternoon. As I was opening the box I read the fine print that "for 8 and 10 foot models at least 3 people will be required to set up pool". Hogwash, I thought! (The only reason I can figure out that you would need all those people is because you roll out the pool and then have to hold the plastic sides up while the water fills the pool; its not one of those blow up jobbies) So for all of you out there who want to know . . . you don't need 3 people. You need one smart-ass adult, 1 toddler (which is really like 2 adults working against you),and a "hold up the sides team" that could include: 2 plastic adult lawn chairs, 1 childsized plastic lawn chair, 1 little tykes mower, 1 old pool filter, and 1 fisher price chatter ride on toy. So, yes I probably looked like a complete moron propping the sides of the pool up with anything and everything within reach as I filled it with water, and I'm sure the neighbors got quite a kick out of it, but darn it I GOT THE SUCKER UP ALL BY MYSELF!

And most of the neighbor kids have already been in it and gave it the seal of approval.

Mission accomplished. I think I should go find myself a beer.


PSUMommy said...

Oh, wow! Great job! That's exactly something I would do. And I totally cracked up when you said about the toddler being like 2 adults working against you. So true!

Paula said...

Cool! But I knew I was reading a little too fast when I missed the word "up" between "blow" and "jobbie." ;) Made a whole lot more sense the second time I read it.