Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Last one (I think/hope)

Guess where Alyssa slept last night! And for a bonus point, guess who didn't sleep much last night worrying about her. :)

Things were a little rocky at first ~ she went down fine, but about 10 minutes later I turned to Adam and sang, "do you hear what I hear?" ~ what I heard was a little "tap, tap, tap KNOCK, KNOCK" from Alyssa's bedroom door (for some reason the door has started sticking the past few weeks, so she can't get it open; solves that "should we put a gate on her door or not" question). I went in and she cried when I tried to put her back down, so I told her I would lay down with her for a few minutes. She broke my heart when she wrapped her arms as tight as she could around my neck and pulled me to *her* chest. She wouldn't actually let me hold her; she just wanted to hold onto me. No drama when I left (thankfully), she just watched me go and I blew her kisses. She did wake up once, but as soon as I helped her find 3 of the 7 or so binkies that she went to bed with, she flopped right back down and let me tuck her back in. Actually an improvement over the crib, because normally she would make me pick her up and rock for anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes when she wakes up during the middle of the night.

I'm so proud of my little peanut ~ let's just hope last night wasn't a total fluke.


Angela Dwight said...

so, how many nights has she slept in her big girl bed? how exciting!! and scary at the same time!!

Christi said...

Last night was her first night; hopefully first of many. The crib is still up in her room, so we could still "regress".