Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Entertainment

Saturday night our family was invited over to our friend/neighbors for a "Lightening Bug Catching" Party. Complete with special guest appearances by "Adam the Amazing Fire Juggler" and the Sleep Fairy. All in all it was a pretty cute evening. They served s'mores and milk for the kids (had a keg and wine coolers for the adults) and the kids could make their own lightening bug craft or play tag while waiting for it to get dark enough for the fireflies to come out. Adam was quite the hit with our neighbors ~ I wouldn't be surprised if he starts getting booked up quickly! ;) Amy's niece Samantha dressed up as the sleep fairy to read the sleep fairy book to the kids as the party "closer". She looked beautiful and I loved the picture of the kids all sitting around listening to story time with their glow bracelets.

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Mom23Boys said...

sigh. Amy is nauseatingly creative. You have all the luck in neighbors. We live by fuddy duddies.