Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sweatin', Scrappin', Shoppin', and Springin'

Its soooooo stinkin' beautiful out today. It would have been a fabulous day for the zoo if Staci and I hadn't signed up for the ass-kicking that is known as a personal touch jazzercise class. For crying out loud . . . I actually gasped out loud in pain while sitting down to go to the bathroom this morning! I did not expect it to be that crazy intense . . . and it was only 40 minutes long!

Kim dropped off the Summer Idea Book for Close to My Heart this afternoon. Pardon me while I freak out over scrapbooking stuff. I actually had to close the book because my chest was starting to hurt from all the excitement! I'll have to take it one section at a time, I guess. I can't wait for June (my hostess month) to get all sorts of free goodies!

Alyssa and I are heading out to do a little shopping this afternoon and I think it may be my most bizarre shopping list ever, so I felt that warranted a blog entry.

1. Hangers (for Alyssa's room as somehow I have 17 things that need to be hung up that mysteriously have no hangers)
2. Pressed powder
3. Storage tubs
4. Lettuce

Usually my lists have some sort of theme, but this one is just a hodgepodge.

Then we're heading to Hollywood Video. Its Wednesday and 2 in the afternoon . . . maybe we'll run into Eric!


Anonymous said...

you know it snowed here in connecticut this morning!

Christi said...

And that's why I don't live in Connecticut! ;)

Anonymous said...

but it is 60 degrees today!

Christi said...

sounds VERY familiar . . . wasn't it last week that we got 2 feet of snow on monday and then had tornado warnings on thursday? enjoy the warm weather!

Paula said...

LOL about your shopping list. I always hope the checkout person isn't paying too much attention when my list has a theme like:

1. prunes
2. Metamucil
3. Preparation H
4. Toilet paper


Christi said...

LMAO Paula . . . niiiccceee!