Friday, April 21, 2006

My new boyfriend . . .

His name is Fisher, he has red hair, beautiful blue eyes, and these cheeks you just want to squeeze until the cows come home. He's about 15 months old.

For the last week or so when I take Alyssa into the childcare room at jazzercise Fisher will be there because his mom takes the class right before me. He will run over to me, hug me, try to kiss me, wants to sit in my lap, ect. It borders on stalking, but since he's under 3 feet tall, I'll let it slide. Now, I've never really "met" this kid. Never babysat for him in the childcare room, don't know his mom, it was just love at first site for him. The first time it happened Alyssa was sitting on my lap, so I thought he was making his move on Alyssa (she is QUITE the little flirt at jazzercise), but this week he has happily plopped himself down on my lap when she is across the room and he actually will strain to get away from his mom to get back to me when she comes to pick him up! Today he started whining/crying when she picked him up from my lap.

Now its quite amusing to all the other adults, but I would feel horrible if Alyssa did that to one of the other mom's, so I feel bad for Fisher's mom. And its just so bizarre that he's so attached to me. I don't think I really look that much like his moml; at first I thought maybe he thought I was her or I reminded him of her or something, but he is just obsessed. So I feel like I should stay out of the childcare room until his mom has taken him out, but part of our routine is to get to class early so that Alyssa can play and get settled for a few minutes before I have to leave. I don't want to have to just dump her and run just because of my toddler-stalker. What a weird situation. I'm subbing for someone on Monday and I think his mom takes the class that I'll be babysitting for . . . Fisher and I may have to have a talk about appropriate behavior and boundaries. ;)

At least I know that I can still drive the men wild in my post-baby old married woman body!

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Paula said...

LMAO! If it gets too bad, you could always take out a restraining order, even though he can't read yet.