Friday, April 14, 2006

Hard to describe . . .

how I'm feeling right now. For some reason the words "yip! yip! yip!" come to mind.

Or maybe "whooo gaaaaa"

Or maybe "holy crap"

Adam and I made a bid on a new house today. Supposedly they have until noon tomorrow to respond, but the offer has to be approved by the seller's relocation company, so I'm bracing myself to have to wait until Monday to hear. Easier said than done. I liked the process the first time around. Our house wasn't on the market yet, we got a "sneak preview", offered what the seller wanted, and walked out of our realtor's office knowing that we had a new house.

Oh, and to make things even more "exciting". We would close two weeks from today.

I think maybe we're crazy ~ yip! yip! yip!


Anonymous said...

two weeks to move? yuck - that is quick....

where is the house?

Adam said...

Jeff - it's 150th and between Fort and Military.