Friday, April 14, 2006

Blonde + mommy moment = uh oh!

Okay, so I’ve read stories on my mom’s board and heard stories about people taking their kids places and then realizing that they forgot to put a diaper on their kid. Or forgetting to put on one before bed or something. I never understood how that could happen, but alas . . . I am one of those moms.

Yesterday after eating lunch Alyssa told me she needed changed, so I put her down on the couch to change her. She was rolling all over the place and it was a poopy diaper, so once I got her wiped I was going to let her run around naked while I wrapped up the diaper and got it out of the house because it was STINKY!

Fast forward about 30 minutes to us walking through the Target parking lot. I couldn’t remember if I put her diaper cover back on (she was wearing a dress), so I reached around to feel for diaper. Sure enough, I hadn’t put her diaper cover on because I felt NEKKID BUNS!!! Thank goodness a) I had a diaper in the car and b) I didn’t haul her nekkid buns all through Target for the world to see (I ended up having to carry her most of the time because the new slide we got filled the entire cart and her dress wouldn’t stay down while she was being held). Although she does have awfully cute buns, so she could get away with mooning Target.

Ahhh, add one more badge to my mommy sash, I guess.

(but did you notice that my daughter TOLD me she needed to be changed? She's a GENIUS!)


Angela Dwight said...

So... you got a new slide? I can't wait to see it!!

Paula said...

ROFL! Now that's one thing I've never done. Yet. ;)

catankgirl said...

I'm more impressed she LET you change her. My squirm away like they are being drug to the gas chamber.

I'm glad she didn't pee anywhere embarressing!