Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rough Night . . .

and it wasn't Alyssa's fault! She slept through the night like a champ, it was Adam and I who were to blame.

First of all I was dreaming that Alyssa was standing at the top of our steps, fell, and started tumbling end over end so I woke Adam and I both up as I jolted and gasped loudly. Its been a fear of mine lately as she's gotten VERY brave when standing at the top of the steps that she'll decide she's big enough to tackle the steps in the "grown up" way and she'll fall.

Second of all I was rudely awoken when Adam punched me in the shoulder. He was dreaming that he was beating up his little brother, so I got to "stand in" for Chris. Great! Although I have to say I would rather be woken up by Adam hitting me than by him starting to scream/yell in his sleep. There's something less scare about being punched than all of the sudden having someone scream in your ear.

Can't we all just get along and have a peaceful night's sleep?! Maybe tonight . . . stay tuned.


Angela Dwight said...

I had a rough night last night too! I woke up about every 2 hours and couldn't get comfortable. I must have felt the Koch bad sleeping vibes.

Anonymous said...

just ask megan about all the bruises i give her in my sleep