Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Inspirations from Dove and thoughts on Christmas

I bought some Dove milk chocolate with caramel chocolates at Target yesterday and today's "words of wisdom" from my wrappers were: Love is the greatest gift of all and Add some sweetness to each day.

The second quote got me thinking about Alyssa. How I do have a little bit of sweetness in each day ~ in the shape of my beautiful baby girl. Even though there are times that I don't feel like I'm doing a great job as a mom, I am so thankful each and every day that I get to be her mom. Its an absolute honor.

The first quote hit home with some thoughts I have been having lately about Christmas. My mom sent me this in an e-mail this week and it really got me thinking:

"A new verision of the Night before Christmas"

'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the town
Not a sign of Baby Jesus
was anywhere to be found.

The people were all busy
with Christmas time chores
Like decorating, and baking,
and shopping in stores.
No one sang "Away in a manger,
no crib for a bed".
Instead, they sang of Santa
dressed-up in bright red.

Mama watched Martha Stewart,
Papa drank beer from a tap.
As hour upon hour
the presents they'd wrap

When what from the T.V.
did they suddenly hear?
'Cept an ad.. which told
of a big sale at Sears.

So away to the mall
they all flew like a flash...
Buying things on credit...
and others with cash!

And, as they made their way home
>From their trip to the mall,
Did they think about Jesus?
Oh, no... not at all.

Their lives were so busy
with their Christmas time things
No time to remember
Christ Jesus, the King.

There were presents to wrap
and cookies to bake.
How could they stop and remember
who died for their sake?

To pray to the Savior...
they had no time to stop.
Because they needed more time
to "Shop til they dropped!"

On Wal-mart! On K-mart!
On Target! On Penney's!
On Hallmark! On Zales!
A quick lunch at Denny's

>From the big stores downtown
to the stores at the mall
They would dash away, dash away,
and visit them all!

And up on the roof,
there arose such a clatter
As grandpa hung icicle lights
up on his brand new step ladder.

He hung lights that would flash.
He hung lights that would twirl.
Yet, he never once prayed to Jesus...
Light of the World.

Christ's eyes... how they twinkle!
Christ's Spirit... how merry!
Christ's love... how enormous!
All our burdens... He'll carry!

So instead of being busy,
overworked, and uptight
Let's put Christ back in
Christmas and enjoy
some good nights!

I worry about how I'm going to explain the true meaning of Christmas to Alyssa. How in this day and age where I get so stressed out about finding the perfect gifts and baking the perfect cookies and scheduling where we are going to be when and who we'll see, how am I going to explain to her that none of that really matters? Its a day to celebrate this amazingly important birthday. A day to celebrate family. To me the gift giving is a way to show our friends and family how much we love them and appreciate them and to make them feel special. The whole season gets so busy and stressful and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone, yet, everyone I know I gets stressed about it. My mom stresses about making sure that she spends the same amount of money on each child and grandchild. That everyone has the same number of gifts to open. That she gets things that everyone will want and need. So much of the joy of gift giving is overshadowed by the feeling of dread of going to the mall AGAIN to find a parking spot AGAIN and to stand in the checkout line AGAIN.

My mom and I were talking about going to church last week and even that is a huge deal. The reason for the whole day in a way turns into a big stesser. Planning what time we're going to go based on what time we're supposed to be at Mark and Janna's for Christmas. Planning who we're going with. What church we're going to. It all just builds and builds.

So when I think about it from this stand point it seems like the most horrible time of year. People are cranky and moody and stressed and losing sleep worrying about finding the perfect toy for their child or how they are going to pay their credit card bill come January or if they got their Christmas cards mailed early enough.

Its supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year and its still my favorite time of year. When I think back on holidays past I don't remember the stress and the arguing and the lines and the money spent. I remember spending time with family, playing games, eating until you think your pants are going to bust open, standing between my mom and dad, holding a candle, and singing "Silent Night" at the 11 PM church service. The wonder and magic of the day. I hope that I can pass that on to Alyssa. That she can understand the true joy of the day and not get caught up in all the commercialism and stress.

That, my baby girl, is my wish for you today and always. Its all about the love and the magic. :)


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Eric B. Dwight said...

You've always got the Godparents, Angie and me, to help you out on the meaning of Christmas. It's all good.

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