Sunday, December 04, 2005

I need TiVo!

My life depends on it! I have become way to addicted to TV!

Exhibit A: Tonight a friend of mine from college called that I hadn't talked to in months. I actually had a hard time deciding whether to continue watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Addition" or talk to her. What is wrong with me?!

Exhibit B: Alyssa has always had bad sleep habits because I would nurse/rock/hold her to sleep. I would start putting her to sleep around 8, but I didn't want her to wake up halfway through my show that was on from 8-9, so I would hold her until 9 so that she wouldn't wake up. Bad mommy!

Exhibit C: I will forgo a nap even though I'm cranky as a toddler just so I can watch "Ellen" in the afternoon. I'm too darn lazy to find a tape and program the VCR.

I think TiVo would solve a lot of my problems, so if anyone wants to drop hints to the inlaws on what would be the PERFECT gift for Adam and I (much better than that damn grill or the chest of doom) let me know and I'll pass on contact information. ;)


Eric B. Dwight said...

TiVo, a TV addicts dream. For the Dwights, maybe someday.

Angela Dwight said...

doubt it :)

Christi said...

Even more reason for us to buy some land together and build a big 'ol house! We could share TiVo!