Sunday, December 04, 2005


Jen from my October Mommy board saw BNL in concert last night and I'm hopelessly jealous. I was so excited to be able to attend them in concert with my Julai in March of 04 (Alyssa's first concert!). We had such a great time and I still get pitter patters in my stomach when I think of the opening cords of hearing "Maybe Katie" live. Ahhhhh . . . alas, on this tour they aren't coming anywhere close to us. They are going to be in the St. Paul, MN area, which is only about 6 hours away. Maybe I could offer to apartment sit for Tracy and Jeff while they are in Ethiopia getting Shahara (I don't think I spelled that right, but I don't think they are spelling it right either. I think it should be spelled Shara, but that's just me). BTW congrats to them on getting their baby girl before Christmas, which was totally unexpected! Anyway . . . BNL is going to be in Tampa over New Years. I would like to go to Tampa for New Years. I wonder if I could get Adam on board? (Me thinks the answer would be no) Maybe Julai will go with me. Maybe Angie and I could take our mega-huge New Years Eve food party to Tampa.

Speaking of Angie and food . . . memo to myself to never ever go food shopping with a pregnant friend again. She's craving (and buying) all this yummy sounding food and I'm just drooling. Actually, I think I gained about two inches on my hips just watching her put some of that stuff in the cart.

And one last comment about BNL ~ I've been spelling naked as nekkid too much. FYI, does NOT take you to a BNL website. Thank goodness that isn't a real site because I kind of hate to think about what you would find on a site like that.

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Angela Dwight said...

Come on... I didn't put TOO many bad things in the cart!! Hot dogs were WAY yummy though!