Friday, March 10, 2006

Clean Carpets

I feel like I've stepped even further onto the side of a grown up . . . today we had our carpets cleaned by a professional. I watched him empty his water "tank" after cleaning both of the bedrooms and the dining room. I swear to you, the stuff that ran out was thick and muddly looking and I wanted to throw up thinking that that was in my carpet. I know some of it was the cleaner/soap stuff they use, but seriously to think about my carpets have the potential to produce that SLUDGE . . . bleck! So, I KNOW the carpets are clean, but they don't really LOOK that much better, so it makes it hard for me to justify the money (even though we got a good deal). We practically could have put wood floors in the kitchen and dining room for the amount of money we spent on carpet cleaning. We could buy Alyssa 1 book when she goes to college with that money! Damn!

On another note, our cleaner guy (who happened to own the company, so I'm sure he did a good job) was a total schmoozer (sp?). But a word to all the "ladies men" out there . . . after you tell a girl she looks great for just having a baby (17 months ago . . . I better look good by now) don't tell her that her house doesn't smell like dog pee anymore. I know they are both compliments, but one kind of tarnishes the other.

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lol, that's funny!