Monday, January 30, 2006

Tested by Dr Mom (that's me!)

Last Thursday Alyssa caught "the snots" from darn old Rowan at Jazzercise. (Just kidding ~ I love Rowan, but I love giving Staci a hard time even more) So she's been a bundle of snotty, stuffy, crabby joy the past few days and she passed it on to me. I decided to give some new cold products a try.

I tried air-borne for the first time ~ not sure how long its been out and about, but everyone I talked to just RAVES about it. It didn't work like I expected. I thought I would take a dose and instantly feel better, but for about 24 hours after taking it I felt like I was on the cusp of getting a "horrible, horrible, haven't been this miserable in years" cold. After 5 doses I feel pretty much normal, so maybe it just prevented my cold from getting too bad. I would definitely use it again and would recommend it. I had the orange flavor . . . it reminded me a lot of the glu-cola drink that you have to drink before getting tested for diabetes when you're pregnant. And I'm one of that crazy 2% that actually kind of enjoyed the drink. Give me a glass of ice and a straw and I can drink just about anything.

Friday night I bought the new Sudafed (I think) Vapor plug in for Alyssa's room. I'm not sure if it really worked or not, but it left her room smelling vick's vapor rub fresh! Actually, I think it did work because she didn't wake up dripping in snot or stuffed up so bad that she could barely breathe, which was a great improvement over her last couple colds. Warning on this product ~ plug it in far away from your bed because it can be REALLY intense. We had it plugged in next to the rocking chair and after about 5 minutes in the chair in the middle of the night (after it had been plugged in for 4 hours or so) I had to get up and walk away because I thought I was going to be sick. It does leave your entire house smelling kind of fresh . . . or kind of sterile, one of the two.


Adam said...

"Give me a glass of ice and a straw and I can drink just about anything." Yea, try drinking charcoal! Blech!

Or milk of magnesia.

S said...

The Sudacare shower tablets are great for adults too. Just drop them in the shower and they help steam the crap out of you. Really work pretty well.

Eric B. Dwight said...

I think I caught a cold from Alyssa as well. So far I've taken 3 doses of air-borne.

Chad said...

I have a really sore throat, not sure where I got that from. I'll hire some crime scene investigators.

Christi said...

Yeesh, Alyssa must have had some really powerful germs to spread them all over like that.

S ~ I've heard good things about the shower tablets, too. Have to pick some of those up.

A ~ That's why I said JUST ABOUT anything.

Anonymous said...

airborne is wonderfull stuff....i take it whenever megan is sick so that i don't get it. this year i have had 2 "almost colds" that haven't gotten to be full blown because i have taken airborne