Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy 2006 to you and yours!

Our "old people party" was a smashing success . . . although SOME people *cough* Dwights *cough* overstayed their welcome by leaving at 12:16 instead of 12:05 like the invite instructed! ;) I was super impressed with all of us, especially Angie, managing to stay fully awake until midnight. Even Alyssa made it to 10:30, which I'm now paying for since she wants nothing to do with a normal bedtime tonight. I think she now thinks that we stay up and eat yummy food and play goofy games every night while she's sleeping ~ who would want to miss that kind of action?!

Thanks to everyone who brought yummy food and celebrated with us. Even Chad who decided that he needed to leave early and bring in the new year with a bunch of nekkid women. What a New Year for him; seeing a celebrity at the grocery store while shopping for Oreos (the guy that played The Rock's dad in "Walking Tall" and he's in "Everwood", but I can't for the life of me remember what his name is) and strippers ~ what more could a bachelor want?

I made 3 New Years resolutions this year:
1. Lose Weight (Given ~ this has been one for me for about 15 years now, I think)
2. Do one big thing each month to get more organized. I finished January's "task" already by consolidating my 3 address books into 1 super duper clean and updated one.
3. Get pregnant. Kind of an oxymoron when you look at 1 and 3 together, but whatcha gonna do?


Paula said...

Did you make up clever invitations to your "old fart" party? If so, I want to see! ;)

Chad said...

Well, no naked women for me, I never managed to get into the club... I should have come back to your party. Boo hoo for Boomer...

Midwest Momma said...

GET PREGNANT!! I am so excited! Good luck...I am sending you lots of good brainwaves, and also your clothes back!