Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bath toys . . . they aren't just for babies anymore!

We've known for a long time that we have a water baby. Be it swimming pools, dogs' water bowls, or the tub, she loves her a splashing good time. So, being the wonderful mommy that I am I've purchased several bath toys to entertain her during bathtime. Wanna see her favorite toy?

That's right folks, its a wash cloth.

But my money towards bath toys is not wasted.

Adam loves her "TUBmarine" ~ Its a submarine that you can wind up and it'll float through the water and the scope goes from side to side . . . very hip with the computer programmer crowd.

And my most recent purchase I fell in love with this evening (on its maiden voyage across the tub) Its a frog that floats on its back and when you pull the fish on a string the frog squirts water a foot and a half in the air. Its like our own private fountain in our bathroom! Alyssa did think it was kind of funny to get nailed on the head with the water squirting up, so maybe there is hope for her liking her bath toys yet.

If not . . . we'll "regift" the rest of them to the Dwight baby. ;)


Angela Dwight said...

The Dwight baby will love any bath toys that are re-gifted. :) It's amazing how different the toys are than when we were growing up!

Adam said...

I must say, the washcloth was close for my #1 spot! It can absorb water!

(this post is 100% sarcastic.)

Jen said...

Awww..cute toys. :)

Paula said...

We have that same submarine. I like it better than the kids, though.