Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dear World:

Would it be easier to keep my house clean if it were smaller because it would take less time to clean? Or would it be even worse then because we have so much stuff that we wouldn't have room for everything and there would just constantly be "stuff" without a place that would be messing the house up?

Wondering on 150th St.

PS - I got the kids' rooms cleaned (picked up, vacuumed, dusted, windows washed, and febreezed - because it smells like dog after we vacuum) and the kids' bathroom cleaned this morning while Alyssa was a pre-school. Felt SO great. Until I walked around the corner to see the rest of the house in all its glorious chaos. I can't remember the last time my entire house was picked up. If ever. Maybe when we walked through it for the first time when we were house shopping.

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