Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Joel!

Just a quick birthday post ~ but I'm including pictures, so that makes up for the briefness. Poor Joel had to endure a shopping trip with Grandma, Alyssa, and mommy for most of his birthday, but we did have lunch at Carlos O'Kelly's where he got to have chips and salsa, chicken strips, pizza, and french fries. Does it really get better than that? Plus a drink with a STRAW! Our friends Eric, Angie, Lenka, Janika, and Chad came over tonight for Taco Bell (we must be pushing Mexican food on Joel) and birthday cupcakes that were made almost completely by Alyssa. I dumped the cake mix in the bowl, but she added all the ingredients and mixed it up. Then I frosted them, but she did all the sprinkles!

Yummy cupcakes!

Birthday loot

With one of his favorite presents - a remote control "Cars" Sherriff car. It was a riot watching him figure it out at first ... Adam was controling it and Joel kept trying to grab it, but always *just* missed it. I'm still not completely sure that he knows that he can decide where it goes, but he has a good time with it and that's all that matters. And I think its pretty sweet that Adam picked it out all by himself. If memory serves me correctly, he also gave our buddy Evan a remote control car when he turned two, which Evan's mommy didn't appreciate so much. This was before we were married, so I had no control over his gift giving habits. ;) Anyway, Joel, Alyssa, and Lenka loved chasing the car around and Janika seemed to think watching the "big kids" run around was a hoot.
Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy. I love you more than you'll ever know.

Stay tuned for party pictures after the big bash on Saturday!

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Angela Dwight said...

I can't see the pictures. I'll check back. It was a blast watching the kids with the remote control car! Janika DID think it was a hoot, all the running around and laughing.