Friday, February 17, 2006

Get a dictionary, people!

Marinara: Being or served with a sauce of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices

After visiting with Christy and Charlie today, Alyssa and I stopped by Fazolli's to pick up lunch. Here's my conversation with the drive through person:

Me: I would like a small baked ziti with marinara sauce.
DTP: You know that has meat in it, right?
Me: The marinara sauce?
DTP: Yeah. Do you want it with tomato sauce instead?
Me: *dumbfounded* Sure.

And low and behold my ziti with tomato sauce had chunks of either hamburger or sausage in it. Back in the day Julia and I ordered ziti with marinara sauce all the time and you know it didn't have meat in it because she won't eat the animal carcass.

Adjoining: 1. To be next to; be contiguous to 2. To attach

This afternoon I called to get hotel reservations for Hope and Eric's wedding in June. One of my "requirements" of the hotel be that the two rooms be adjoining (have a door connecting the two of them). Simple, right? Not so . . . of course. Because nothing is ever simple.

Me: Do you have an adjoining rooms?
Hotel Lady: Yes, we have adjoining rooms where the rooms are on the same floor and in the same section or we have connecting rooms. Which would you rather have?
Me: *doesn't adjoining mean the same thing as connecting?* Connecting, I guess.
Hotel Lady: So you want the rooms to be physically connected by an adjoining door?
Me: Yes.
Hotel Lady: So you want connecting, not adjoining, right?
Me: Who's on first?


Jen said...

Oh my...LOL

Angela Dwight said...

some people... geez

Glaciermeow said...


Highlandgal said...

Yep, I used to work at a hotel. Adjoining and connecting are definitely different things. Thanks goodness they asked you more specifically, because in a lot of cases people ask for adjoining and don't find out the difference till they arrive.

Adam said...

Highlandgal: Can you explain the difference?

Anonymous said...