Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ahh, sweet small town, USA!

Alyssa and I ventured east this morning to spend the weekend with my parents. Mostly for the annual Chipman food fest aka Super Bowl party, but a generous spoiling from the parents/grandparents can never hurt.

I, being the space cadet lately that I am, forgot to pack the baby monitor. I had been planning on buying a new one because ours is on the fritz and figured that I would just give our old one to my parents to have on hand. Well, I figured the time had come for me to buy another baby monitor. So, we head out shopping. Would you believe in this town (its not that dinky, population 5500!) they do not sell baby monitors?! Pamida (the wal-mart of small town Iowa) has a huge baby aisle that tells every gadget and gizmo other than monitors. Wouldn't you think that a monitor would rank semi-high up there on the "needs" list? Thankfully Alyssa and I share a wall when we are sleeping, so I'll be able to hear her if (okay, who am I kidding WHEN) she wakes up.

Then we decide to go rent a movie. My parents DVD player is broken, so we had to resort to these crazy things called V-H-S? Anyway, I was thinking that we would have to settle for some movie from the early 90s because, after all the movie selection in this town is limited and with DVDs being all the rage, why buy new movies on DVD AND VHS? We walked into the store and probably 70% of the store is still VHS. And people were lined up in front of the VHS shelves; the DVD section was like a ghost town. Who would have figured? And its not all the old people out for some Saturday night excitement that were getting movies . . . it was the 20 and 30 crowd, too, which I'm willing to be is the prime purchase age of a DVD machine.

Anyway, Christy and Jeff ~ I think we need to re-evaluate our retirement plans. ;)


andrea said...

dude, last night I went to the video store in my mom's small town and encountered the EXACT same thing. There were like 2 dvds and the rest were VHS.

Midwest Momma said...

You crack me up girl friend! That is EXACTLY what I was thinking as I was reading. Although, maybe by the time we retire, all of this will be just our speed!