Saturday, February 04, 2006

Damn you Veggie Tales!

Actually, just damn the Veggie Tales theme song creators . . . the actual Veggie Tales characters/story lines are quite charming and likeable. I had a horrible time sleeping last night because I kept waking up to the voice in my head singing "Lima Beeeeeeeeaaaaanns, Collllllllllard Greeeeens! Peachy Keeeeeeen! Veggie Tales!".

Now almost 24 hours later I am settling down for bed and all I can hear is that same voice chanting "There's never ever ever been a show like Veggie Tales!".

I acknowledge that fact. Its in a catagory all of its own. Now can you pipe down so I can get some sleep? Pleeeeeeeeeeeasssseeeeee!?

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Paula said...

Here's what I was "singing" in the middle of the night last night:
Hey, JoJo, what do you say? We want to know what you learned today!"