Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween from our house (and from Paula's house)

Joel was not real impressed with the whole Halloween business ~ even with the candy!
Ready to hit the streets
Speaking of hitting the streets ... Paula and I dressed up as beauty queens for her family's annual Halloween party that I flew to Raleigh for. A few comments:
a. You can't tell it from the pictures, but Paula's is sporting a baby bump and some "enhanced" knockers for her role as "Miss Leading"
b. There's a purple lollipop in my hair, 5 year old Jessie (seem bottom right corner) did my make up, and the black "thing" above my eye is a false eyelash that was put on crooked. I think the other one that fallen off by then. I also had bandaids all over my body and Paula's kids kept asking me what happened to me, which was pretty cute. I think they think I'm crazy. ;)

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Mom23Boys said...

I recognize a certain bridesmaid dress! I am glad you are getting some AWESOME use out of it!!!

Christi said...

That's too funny that you noticed that! Paula's dress is from "your" Erin's wedding and the one that I wore to Alyssa's b-day party. I'm resourceful when it comes to those expensive dresses! ;)