Friday, October 10, 2008

I believe in magic!

Magic Erasers, that is.

Take one 20 month old boy named Joel, one black sharpie marker, plus a wood floor ... need I say more? 4 lovely, large black scribbles ... and the magic eraser erased them all.

And an extra shout out to our good friend "Little Green" for getting black sharpie out of the playroom carpet that was an innocent bystander as Joel attacked the entry floor with his artistic ways.


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PSUMommy said...

I had a Little Green, LOVED it. It kept me sane while potty training Alex. Then I lent it to someone and they broke it. I replaced it with my SpotBot- I love it, too

And good to know about the magic eraser and Sharpies! Ours are waaaay up high, but Eric is our monkey boy AND our little artist, so I'm willing to bet anything I'll be posting a Sharpie post at some point!