Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our little mommy

It seems like ever since Joel was born I've gotten comments on what a great little "mommy" Alyssa is. And she is. She's the sweetest big sister I've ever seen ~ oh she has her moments where she loves to terrorize him, but overall she's awesome. She's comforting, she always wants to make sure he gets the same things as every one else, that he's taken care of, etc.

She's getting to that age where its fairly common for her to start taking about imaginary friends (or in the case of another little girl in her preschool class imaginary siblings). Sophie has her best friend "Alyia" that comes over to play when Alyssa can't come over. And I never really thought about it until yesterday, but Alyssa always talks about her kids. Its "my girls" this and "my boys" that. They don't always have names (or if they do all the girls/boys have just one name), but its kind of funny that she refers to them in kind of a mothering manner.

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