Thursday, April 23, 2009

The clothesline

Good for the environment and hours of entertainment for the kids ... its a win-win situation!

Until said children decide to sit *inside* the fitted sheet and pull the whole line down.

And for anyone who cares ... this was taken about 10 minutes before Alyssa decided to show off how she can turn the hose on by herself and proceeded to soak all the sheets again. *sigh* Do they make baby proofing something-or-others for hoses?
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Mom23Boys said...

I've always wanted a clothesline!!! So jealous. It is against the covenant in our neighborhood to have one, so I won't get my wish anytime soon. I'll live vicariously through you!!!

Christi said...

Its against our neighborhood covenant, too, evidently, but I don't feel too bad since its a retractable one ... if I had a big free standing one, then I would understand the fuss. Although I would love to have a big free-standing one.

Christi said...

They do make a sort of babyproof water hose spigot thingy. My husband has put one on, although I think it is more that is it lockable so it doesn't accidentally turn on. I don't know, its a weird thing to describe.

By the way, so glad to see someone spell their name right.

Oh and I found you through psumommy's twitter.

Miss jane said...