Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Prayers for Millie

I found the most BEAUTIFUL and SWEET cocker spaniel wandering around outside today. I thought I saw her a couple days ago and then this afternoon Lexi and Joey started doing their "there is a dog within a two mile radis of our house and it did not get prior permission" freak out. I saw the dog again, so I put our dogs in the bedroom and went outside to see if she was still around. She was poking around the bushes and came running over as soon as she saw me. I got a little bit of Joey's food out of the bag we keep in the garage and she inhaled it like she hadn't eaten in days (or like she was Lexi) and then she was my best friend. I took her inside, fed her some more and gave her some water. Once Adam got home I took her to the Humane Society, which I know is best because it'll hopefully help her find her family, but she was so sweet part of me wanted to keep her.

I loved her silky black ears and her white fuzzy little chest. She was quite the little lady . . . she didn't knock Alyssa over for the food that she was eating like SOME dogs we know would do, she was well behaved on a leash, she climbed into the backseat of my car and just sat there like a little angel. She was shaking so bad when we got to the Humane Society. I hated to put her down in that cold metal cage. :(

The lady at the Humane Society said that she could tell that she had been groomed recently, so she probably just got away while her collar was off. She made it sound like she had a really good chance of finding her family, but please give out some prayers and good thoughts that Millie (she looked like a Millie to me) find her home!


Angela Dwight said...

Dang ~ that is such a sad story you told. Somehow, it wasn't that sad when you told me about it last night. Prayers go to Millie and her owners so they will find her!! You did the right thing by taking her to the Humane Society.

Adam said...

I didn't know this...

From nehumanesociety.org:
"If you are unable to bring the pet to us during business hours you can drop the animal off in our overnight drop kennels located in the east lobby of the shelter. The drop kennels are open whenever the shelter is closed. Once you place the animal inside a kennel, the door locks and the pet is safe until staff can impound it. Please take time to fill out paperwork so we know the animal is a stray and the general location where it was found."

Interesting. Like a night deposit box for a bank!

What if there's more than one dog?...